In November2015, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) will holdthe Third UESTC International Forum (UESTCForum) in Chengdu for Young Scholars. The Institute of Fundamental andFrontier Sciences (IFFS) will hold the Sub-Forum named 'Fundamental andFrontier Science' with the aim of gathering outstanding young scholars home andaboard in Chengdu, promoting the communication among them and strengthening thecollaboration among different research areas. We sincerely invite you to takepart in the UESTC Forum and the Sub-Forum in Chengdu in November of 2015.


UESTC isone of the first 211 Project and 985 Project universities,and also, the only electronic information-oriented university. It is located in Chengdu—the Land of Abundance and the Home of Panda, which isthe economic, cultural and transportation center of West China. It is the firstuniversity in China with all the sub-disciplines of the two disciplines-electronicscience and technology, information and communication engineering-beingnational key disciplines.


In the 2012 national evaluation of disciplines, five disciplines of the university were ranked within top ten, in which the discipline of electronic science and technology was ranked first, and information and communication engineering second. In the 2015 USNEWS Best Global Universities Rankings, discipline of engineering was ranked 81, and computer science 67. Disciplines of engineering, material science, physics and computer science are listed in the top 1% of ESI. Ten scholars were selected into 2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers of Elsevier.


Recently, the School of Medicine has been co-founded with Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. Besides, UESTC established the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, to promote the development of basic research disciplines such as physics, mathematics and so on. The university has developed into a key multidisciplinary research-oriented university with electronic science and technology being its nucleus and featured with the harmonious integration of science, engineering, management and liberal arts.

學校高度重視人才工作,引進和培養了一批在國際學術界享受盛譽的杰出學者,現有院士7人,IEEE Fellow 16人,國家人才計劃入選者77人(含青年特聘專家29人),長江學者26人。

UESTC highly values the development of talents, and has brought in and cultivated a galaxy of leading people in the international academia. The university is clustered by 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 16 IEEE Fellows, 77 selected professors of the Thousand Talents Plan (29 among which are selected ones of the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals), and 26 Yangtze River Scholars.

為加快高水平研究型大學建設進程,增強原始創新能力,提升整體基礎研究水平和學術影響力,電子科技大學于2014年成立了基礎與前沿研究院(以下簡稱基礎院)?;A院以現有優勢學科為支撐,緊密圍繞電子科學與技術、信息與通信工程、 光學工程、計算機科學與技術、生物醫學工程、控制科學與工程、儀器科學與技術、材料科學與工程、物理學等一級學科,涉及電學、力學、熱學、光學、聲學等領域的共性開展基礎理論研究。主要研究領域為:








UESTCestablished IFFS in 2014 specifically to attract experts in the areas offundamental research, implement its vision for a high-level, research-focuseduniversity, strengthen its innovative capability, and enhance its academicimpact. Supported by preponderant disciplineswith a focus on basic theory and experimental fundamental research, IFFSwill carry out theoretical or fundamental research focusing on electronicsscience and technology, Information and Communication Engineering, opticalengineering, computer science and technology, biomedical engineering, controlscience and engineering, instrument science and technology , materials science and engineering,physics and other fields.

The main research areas include:

1.Theories on Information System

2.Theories on Complex Field and Wave

3.QuantumInformation and Control: Quantum Communication, Quantum

Computation,Quantum Control, etc.

4.InformationScience at Nanoscale: Microelectronics, Nanomaterials and

Nanodevice, ElectronicInformation Materials, etc.

5.PhotonicInformation Science: Photonics, Quantum Optics, Optical

Communication,Optical Information Processing, etc.

6.Mobile Information Science: Mobile Medical Information, Internet, etc.

7.InterdisciplinaryInformation Science: Chemistry, Physics, Computing Science

StatisticalSignal Processing, etc.


2. Forum Agenda.

11月29日  報到

11月30日  主題論壇:特邀嘉賓做報告

12月       論壇月


Nov. 29,  2015


Nov. 30,  2015

Opening  Ceremony and Invited Speech

December,  2015

Sub-Forum  in different fields

We warmlywelcome you to receive our invitation and join the Opening Ceremony and InvitedSpeech on 30th of November, but it does not matter if the time is not proper toyour schedule. You could choose any 2-3days during of December to join the Sub-Forum in different fields in ouruniversity. The host will cover the same fees as well. Please inform us whetheryou could join the Opening Ceremony in advance.


3. Qualifications (Meet one of the following two)


2、年齡在40 歲以下,具有國內外知名高校博士學位,并有連續3年及以上的海外科研工作經歷;在海外知名高校、科研機構、知名企業研發機構有正式教學或科研職位的優秀青年學者;


1. Selectedones of the Recruitment Program for Young Professional or NationalProgram for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals, orgainers of Excellent Young Scientists Fund or Top 100Reward of the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.

2. Outstandingyoung scholars under the age of 40, shall possess a PHD degree granted byprestigious universities at home and abroad, have at least three years'work experience abroad, and hold formal teaching and researching positions inoverseas prestigious universities, institutions or enterprises.

3.With extraordinarily great performance, the limit of years could be discussed.


4. Application


Please sendthe application form (download from http://www.iffs.uestc.edu.cn/ or http://www.iffs.uestc.edu.cn/news/New/82.html/) andyourCV to iffs@uestc.edu.cn and iffsuestc@gmail.com.


Due-Date for Opening Ceremony: Nov 1st, 2015


Due-Date for Sub-Forums: Dec 15th, 2015


5. Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation


Accommodation is provided by thehost. Please send us your ticket information and we will help you to book yourflight ticket, or you can book it by yourself. The host will cover thereimbursement of travel expenses


6. Contact Us





郵箱:iffs@uestc.edu.cn; iffsuestc@gmail.com

報名聯系人:李老師  張老師  

Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences (IFFS) ofUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)

Talents Recruitment & International CommunicationOffice

Tel:  +86-28-83201896

Fax:  +86-28-83201896

E-mail: iffs@uestc.edu.cn; iffsuestc@gmail.com

Contact: Ziheng Li; Wenwen Zhang



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Youngscholars home and abroad are warmly welcomed!

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Intelligence     Focus      Freedom     Success


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